Thursday, 8 March 2012


Art by Tim

March 9, 2012
Apple today revealed the latest product of the iPad series, the iPad3Ply.
Why settle for the iPad2 when you can have iPad3Ply?
Feel the silky smoothness of the alluminosilicate coated iPad3Ply.
Now, it's illustrated in high definition glory, so your toilet visit is never a boring one.

The new iPad 3ply is 4G compatible -  we talk to our resident expert Dr Chang to discuss what this means.
"In medical terms, if u get a tummy bug , we call that gastroenteritis.
There are 4 different grades of severity for gastroenteritis.
Stage 4 gastroenteritis, aka 4G is the most severe form of gastroenteritis.
We found that normal 2 ply toilet paper is unable to withstand the shear explosiveness and brutality of a 4g storm.
Hence our labs have come up with the iPad3ply. Guaranteed to withstand any abdominal storm that a human can produce. It's true, we tested it in our labs.
My colleague, Dr Ling, said thinner is better, but obviously he's never suffered a 4G level diarrhea attack"

There is still a reason to buy the iPad 2 however. With the introduction of the iPad 3ply, Apple has reduced the price of the iPad 2 by NZD200. I personally wouldn't risk being not 4G ready though.

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