Saturday, 20 February 2016

Spicy Korean Noodle Challenge

The Korean "Chilli Noodle Challenge"

So... a friend of mine told me about this korean "fire noodle challenge". Apparently people have been eating this extremely spicy noodle and posting their fiery experience on Youtube. Some say it is the spiciest noodle in Korea but the Ramenrater blog rates it the the 3rd spiciest instant noodle of 2015. You can check out the Top Ten Spiciest Instant Noodle 2015 list here.

Okay, I went to look for these noodles on the same day.
The packaging is black with big read korean words which I can't read.
The english name is Samyang Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen.

530 kcal per package

I decided to follow the cooking instructions this time. Stirfry the noodles with the sauce for 30 seconds after boiling the noodles for 5 mins. While stirfrying the noodles, I could feel the heat from the chilli in the air. 

Usually I like egg in my instant noodles, but I had run out.
So I added some cabbage for variety.

Chuck on the sesame and seaweed flakes. Sorry the presentation is not flash.

And... begin. I poured myself a drink too. I ran out of milk but I had almond flavoured soy milk in the fridge which did fine. 3 mouthfuls in, I start to feel the heat. The burning around the mouth started. The flavour was pretty nice. The chilli burn is similar to other korean spicy dishes. It's a "korean chilli" type of burn. Reminds me of the Shin Ramen which I used to eat a lot of. The noodle is fattish and stringy, no different from my fav instant Chajanmyung. Of course, you shouldn't over-cook them or they will be mushy. I have to say I enjoyed the noodles. 90% through the noodles I started to sweat a bit.  The noodles were very hot for sure, but I did not feel at any point it was beyond bearable. I wasn't going for a speed challenge cause I wanted to enjoy it ( 6 mins), I might do a speed one if there was a prize.


To be fair this is the hottest instant noodles I have had. But not the hottest food I've had.
I would rate it 7.5/10 for taste
and 8.5/10 for heat

Try and let me know what you think.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Yeah... so last week I went to The Line at Shangri-La Hotel for their buffet lunch. I was looking for a place to take my mum for mother's day in Singapore, so I looked online and found a few favourable reviews of this buffet. As you may or may now know, I am a big fan of food, so it is of no surprise that I like buffets. However, due to my lack of self control, I try not to visit too many buffets due to fear of metabolic syndrome and also the inevitable consequence of abdominal pain due to mechanical  distension of my upper gastrointestinal tract.
Anyway, The Line restaurant is situated at Shangri-La Hotel, needless to say this place is kinda posh. It was a nice atmosphere to hangout while waiting for the buffet to start at 12 noon. I took the photo above as they were setting up.

First blood !

The above was my first serving. Yes, yes.. it looks paltry, but I was somewhat overwhelmed by the choice and didn't want to fill up until I had done the proper reconnaissance. The Line boasts "16 theater kitchens" ( I got this from their website). This includes Japanese, Seafood, Local, Western Roasts, Salads, Chinese, Dim Sum, Indian, Italian, Mediterranean, Dessert.. and a few I missed or can't identify.

The first station I noticed was the awesome looking seafood section. Unfortunately for me, I am allergic to both prawn and crabs, so my enjoyment of seafood is somewhat stunted. I'm not really a big fan of oysters but in the spirit of "kiasu", I ate 6. They were actually quite good. My sister downed a ton of the prawns and reported that they were yum.

The station that I attacked the most was probably the Japanese section. Mainly for my favourite, salmon sashimi!. I was not disappointed. The salmon was fresh and delectable. They had salmon, tuna and octopus sashimi. The sushi selection was not great but their  "special" sushi, grilled salmon topping on raw tuna sushi was awesome. The seaweed sushi was a let down though. 

One of my favourite was the kebab's section. The chicken and lamb kebabs were delicious especially with the sauce ( dunno what it was but it tasted creamy with a hint of cheese).The roast beef was also very nicely done, tender and awesome with the gravy, definitely the best roast beef I have had in a long while (well, that is not surprising given that I have mostly eaten roast beef at hospital cafeterias).

The butternut squash soup was superb!!! Creamy and sweet. It fatness and sweetness really hit the pleasure senses ( or my leptin or dopamine receptors?) at the right spot. 

The Indian section was good, with a selection of fish, mutton, chicken and vegetarian curry. The beef and chicken satay was standard.

Dim sum was nice but nothing to shout about. 

I was not really impressed by the BBQ and roast pork at the chinese section. They were pretty average. The laksa, however was very good.

 Diabetes.. glorious diabetes..

The dessert section was awesome... maybe this was my favourite...I don't actually know one was my favourite anymore. The durian tart was the star here, it was nice, creamy and real "duriany". There was a nice selection of local kueh and as you can see above, tonnes of macarons.

Syndrome X

 I hit the ice cream station 3 times. The green tea was my favourite. 

Fatty liver 

To be honest, I only wrote this blog post so I can post this fatty liver pic.
Oh yeah, the weekday lunch costs $58++, you get a 15% discount if booked online.

Feel free to recommend your favourite buffet to me, cheers.

The Line

Friday, 4 July 2014


 Everyday I drive home from work down River Road, I drive by Gone Burger by Waikato River. Last week I decided to drop  by.

Gone burger... why the name? I didn't ask the boss.

My wife and I ordered 1 burger each and I ordered fries too. 

Here we are- total damage to wallet $38. Damage to coronaries- unknown

 "Mary loved it"- Lamb Burger

I'm sure Mary did . For me, it's always a good sign when you struggle to take a full bite of the burger because of it's size. Lamb, kumara roasti, mushrooms fried in blue cheese .. yum.. 

"The Belly of the Beast"

My wife ordered the "Belly of the Beast" which is a pork burger. We deliberated a bit when deciding to get the large or regular size but decided to get the large. I'm glad she did cos I think I liked this burger even more than Mary's lamb. It had an oriental touch to it with five spice and hoisin sauce, and again the kumara rosti just gives it the extra "fill". It's a bit more savoury than the lamb burger which suited my tongue more as I have quite a high sodium intake.

All in all the burgers are really satisfying I highly recommend them if you need a good feed.
The fries were a bit average and almost a bit soggy, the aoili was good though. The burger and fries actually went quite will with sriracha chilli sauce as you can see from my photo.

Did I hear someone ask which was better ? This or Ferg?
Hmm... hard to answer that I might have to go back for more testing.  :)

I found out they are selling the whole Gone Burger business..listed below

Monday, 9 June 2014

Bali - It's one big tower defence

I recently visited Bali for my honeymoon. During a visit to one of the temples, my guide directed me to the "exit" while he exited in another direction. My wife and I headed out the exit but was greeted with rows and rows of stalls, everytime we turned a corner we were greeted by more rows of shops, it was like a maze. A maze designed to maximise our exposure to stalls in the available area. I mentioned to my wife, this is like "Tower Defence". All the tourists are the "creeps" being funnelled around a maze and our wallets represent our Hp. I then realised that the whole island was one big tower defence game where the game was to drain as much "HP/$$" possible from tourists.

Critical Strike 17% chance of double damage

Beware of traders trying to maximise their profit on "noob" tourists. Unfortunately I was also a victim on my first day when I bought an overpriced painting. After I bought my beautiful exotic painting I saw multiple similar paintings everywhere else. I think they all come from the same factory down town. Thankfully the price was still acceptable after currrency conversion.

Area damage towers

Displaying 20140209_183533.jpg

Everywhere you go in Bali requires some kind of entrance fee. Sometimes there are just posts set up by the roadside requiring payment to enter an area ( sometimes this is literally in the middle of the road). All there small fees add up.

Amplify Damage 16-21%

Most restaurants will amplify the damage they do to your wallet by 16-21% . This is on top of the already amplified tourist price. This is the GST/Amplify damage tax- oddly the amount varies from restaurant to restaurant.

Heat Towers

Bali is hot most of the time, the heat will require you to buy water/ice-cream or whatever you need to cool down. Thankfully stalls are aplenty at all tourist sites

Water Towers

It rains a lot in Bali, but don't worry umbrellas are always available for rent, for a small fee.

Chain Towers

As I was entering a temple, I had to put on a sarong as required by the temple. The lady who gave me the sarong also passed me a bunch of bananas and said "for the monkey".  I was a bit confused, was she giving them to me? Then she requested 20,000 IDR, this is on top of the 30,000 IDR entrance fee. At some temples, the monkeys sometimes aggressively rob the visitor belonging or glasses. They would cheekily exchange your belonging with you for a banana. Lucky for the visitors there's always a vendor nearby who will happily sell you some bananas.

Tracking/Heat seeking Towers

One time I had a persistent vendor following me around the car park trying to sell me some wooden carvings. I politely declined but she just followed me all the way from the exit to the door of my van.

Tower defence is Fun!

Having said all that, Bali is a beautiful place and the people are generally down to earth and hospitable. I did enjoy my trip, after all, I love playing tower defence!