Sunday, 24 June 2012

吻別 /Take me to your heart

Anyway.. I'm rushing to finish my audit. As part of my procrastinating activity, I decided to did up some old nostalgic songs to listen while I enter some mind numbing numerical data.
Jackie Cheung's (張學友) 吻別 (Goodbye Kiss) is truly an chinese classic.
It's been redone in a few languages.. enjoy..

Michael Learns To Rock does an English version

This is quite a nice rendition, English and Chinese version.

Multilingual mix

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Yesterday's Special ?

Saw this today. In English it says Mapo tofu and beef. But the direct translation is "Same as yesterday's dish". Huh ? Yes. Loosely it almost means "leftovers". Wanna try it ? It's right bedside Foo Shan in Christchurch. Captain Ben's.