Wednesday, 23 October 2013

TKK Fried Chicken頂呱呱- Review

As my readers know, I am quite a big fan of KFC. Well.... fried chicken in general.
During my recent trip to Taiwan, the last leg of my trip was in Taipei... just as my friends and I were going to retire to our hotel... we saw this...

TKK Fried Chicken, or as the locals called it..頂呱呱 Taiwan's own fried chicken franchise. You could say that it's their version of KFC.
Of course, that can only mean one thing...

I ordered a standard meal.
For the drink, I had iced lemon tea. It was not bad. A bit on the sweet side.

As always, I start attacking the chips first. I was a bit surprised that they were kumara/sweet potato chips!
Nice touch! Unfortunately the chips were not crispy and were a bit soggy. Maybe it was close to closing time.. tastes ok, but sogginess and grease don't go well.

The chicken not coated in thick batter like KFC hot and spicy.The skin was not very crispy but the flavour was pretty good. It tastes distinct, a bit sweet not bad at all. Smells good too.
The meat was not very tender or succulent and I did not feel was marinated well. This was a major let down.

When I bit into the bun I was surprised. There were 2 layers. I'm not sure what the difference was but the bun was sweet. Tasted pretty good. It was more firm than KFC's bun which is softer and fluffier.

I gave TKK a shot but unfortunately it let me down. Nice try but not up to KFC Hot and Spicy calibre. 
Not bad compared with KFC original recipe though. If they had done better with the consistency ( ie more crispy rather than soggy) they might have stood a chance.

Too bad..

Watch the video below for a Smackdown between Colonel Sanders, Ronald McDonald and Mr TKK.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

What's the answer to 6÷2(1+2) ?

Okay... let's do this

First of all, apologies if you feel this question is too easy, I thought so too... except.. out of the >570k comments on Facebook, the answer is almost split 50/50 , 1 or 9. With a few answering 6. ( if this is you please comment)

BTW there are huge long debates online about this. And some rather smart people arguing for either answer.
Google calculator answer =9

I don't have any super qualifications, just an interest in answers. Of course this answer is just my own.

So.. my answer for this question is ....1 !!

I'll just show my reasoning, feel free to disagree.

6÷2 (1+2)
= 6÷ 2 (3)
= 6÷ 6

= 1

This is what most people who answer 1 will get , no questions on this (1+2)--->(3)

The question is 6÷ 2 first or 2(3) first?

First of all 6/2 is not 6÷ 2
and 2(3) is not 2x3

If the question was 6÷2 x 3 the answer would be 9
So my solution here is 2(3) should be solved before 6÷ 2 as I take 2(3) as a single unit

If it was 6/2 (1+2)


top answer is 9 bottom answer is 1

And another thing 6÷2(1+2) is not (6÷2) (1+2) as the answer for this is also 9

Let's do some algebra 6÷2 (1+2) = X , Solve X

6÷2 (1+2) = X
6=2x(1+2)  or  [2x+4x]

Oh wait... that still fails to solve the argument

Try    6÷X(1+2) = 9  VS     6÷X(1+2) = 1               Pick the equation that would fulfill X=2

Which one would solve our problem?

6÷X(1+2) = 9
6= 9X(1+2)
6= 27X
X=2/9     ---- this is not right!

6÷X(1+2) = 1

If you plug X=2 into the equation you get 6÷2(1+2) = 1

Not enough?

6÷X(1+2) = 1
6÷(X+2X) =1

Just for fun,we could do 6÷2(1+X) = 1    to satisfy our answer we need X=2

6÷2(1+X) = 1

Hope that helps.. the only people that would change my mind, maybe are my maths teachers (if they told me they had taught me wrongly) or this guy..


Thursday, 25 July 2013

Best Jogging Song Ever!!

I would like to recommend one of my favourite jogging tunes. It fact it might be the best one!

First, you must watch the scene below..
Not for kids!

Now the whole song is below..

Feeling tired?
Think Zombies!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Pacific Rim : Review

Rating : 7.5/10

Yo ! I haven't done a movie review for a while but if you have read my other movie reviews you maybe have noticed that I like Transformers. I was critical of Transformers 3 the movie, but I do like Transformers the franchise. As an extension of that you may also gather that I like robots. Well, I've just returned from watching Pacific Rim and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Let's see... the basic premise of this movie is giant man-controlled robots fighting giants beasts. It is hard not to see the similarities between this movie and decades of japanese mecha/monster anime. Neon Genesis Evangelion immediately comes to mind. It is hard to imagine the idea coming from anywhere else. I found this from wiki though..

"While walking on the beach near Santa Monica Pier, the screenwriter imagined a giant robot and a giant monster fighting to the death. " They sort of materialized out of the fog, these vast, godlike things"

Yeah right..
Never watched Ultraman before?
* Ultraman and I go way back, I even wrote about ultraman in my GCE O-level 1119 paper and scored a 1. Thanks Ultraman!

 Remember this guy?

Anyway, in this story the monsters... or Kaiju as they are called in the movie ( meaning monsters in Japanese- I suppose this serves as an acknowledgement to their Japanese influence) arise from deep in the seas and try to destroy humanity ( remember Godzilla?). In an effort to defend themselves, humanity united to build giant mechs piloted by humans to fight the monsters. The giant mechs are called Jaegers ( German for hunter). The mechs proved very effective in fighting the kaiju in the first few years but the kaiju start to adapt and humans soon face an uphill battle to survive.

The kaijus really remind me of the monsters from ultraman. No kidding. Look at these fellows..

 Smile for the camera!

CG was well done, the kaiju were truly impressive. They are also surprisingly agile for creatures of that size. Each Kaiju was different in shape and ability.

The mechs are too difficult for one man to control so require dual-piloting, using neural-linking or "drifting". The complexity of piloting mechs is a familiar concept from the Gundam universe. Mecha are very difficult to pilot which is why the new "genetically enhanced" humans have an advantage over normal humans, some of whom require drug enhancement to pilot mechs. Another interesting note was that only first few generations  of Jaegers were nuclear powered. No mention was made of what powered the later generation Jaegers-the Mach 4 model and after. This again bears some similarities to the Gundams from Seed Destiny, where the later generation Gundams were non-nuclear due to the deployment of N-Jammers. Sorry.. too much geek talk.

Stand by for action!

Anyway this movie is the most awesome spectacular visual feast  (not even sure if this is grammatically correct) I have seen for a long time, or maybe ever. I recommend watching this on big screen to hear the sound of metal pounding carapace and vice versa. Metal pounding shell. Horns and teeth ripping metal. Collossal bodies flung around smashing up buildings. Elbow rockets!?! Elbow rockets are awesome! I loved it! You should know by now, this is very much a boy's movie, but I'm sure everyone can enjoy it.

I give this movie a 7.5/10 and not higher, mainly because the plot is too straight and linear. Not that I minded that much. If I rated it based on visuals and action alone, it would get a 9.5/10. Bottom line I would recommend this movie especially is you have a Y chromosome. If you are a mech fan, this is a must see. If you are still waiting for the Robotech/Voltron or Gundam live action movie, well.. this is the mech movie you were never promised but has arrived.

As I was leaving the cinema, I felt that this franchise would be awesome for toys/action figures. I suddenly felt the urge to buy a Jaeger and Kaiju toy and start a fight on my table top. As u can see below, there are even stats available for each Jaeger, I have no doubt action figures are on the way.

Director Guillermo del Toro pretty much nailed it when he said " Us guys... we stay kids our entire lives"

The Crimson Typhoon is one of my favourite Jaegers

Looks like a Geth from Mass Effect 3


Monday, 10 June 2013

Learn Foochow Case Study 1 - " me lo di " = " buy bread"

When I was about 5-6 years old, I recall one night my mum and my sister going out to some event.
And they kept saying something like "Mari me lo di" or "Mary me lo di"
I was really confused, cos it either meant "Come buy bread" or "Mary buy bread"
(Mari= "come" in Malay)
What's the big deal about buying bread?
And who is Mary?

I didn't actually work it out until many years later..
Like .. many many years later..
Like the sun rising from the east,

It dawned on me...
It was some kinda piano event called "Merry Melodies"... at least, I think it is..
True story!
That's all folks!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Space Marines VS Diabetes Centres

The Mothership Titanis hovered over Earth's southern hemisphere.
Captain Astates looked over the planet.
The planet resembled his home, Planet Terra.
Multiple screens flashed continuous pieces of data which his battle-weary brain analysed
His fleet had been sent to scour the universe for humanoids to join the Imperium of Man in its fight for survival.
The Imperium of man is faced with a never before seen level of threat from multiple fronts, the Tyrannids, the heretic Chaos army and the Necrons. Their fragile alliance with the Eldar may not even last.

This sector of the universe has been largely unaffected by the ongoing intergalactic war.
It seems the human colony here is oblivious that a universal battle has been ongoing for millennia.
In this corner of the universe, this small planet holds 7 billion humanoids, with a calculated 1.2 billion potentially battle worthy men and women.

The scanner scours an island in the southern hemisphere
a building called "Diabetes Centre" piqued the tired captain's attention.

"Librarian! Come here! "
And get the Apothecarist Diabetes Mellitus here!

"Librarian! Apothecarist! What is this.........Diabetes Centre?"

"Hmm.. this is an ancient disease that became extinct during the Tyrannid Wars
I can't believe it still exists in this millennium," said the Librarian

"Apothecarist Mellitus! What do you know about your name sake?"

Apothecarist Diabetes Mellitus was named after an ancient extinct disease

"Captain! Diabetes mellitus is an ancient disease of weakness. Either weakness of the genes or pure physical weakness. In those days people gorged themselves with nourishment until their pancreas' glucose regulation decompensated, culminating in hyperglycaemia and multiple complications of haemoglycation. This resulted in physical impairment and a shortened life span."

"Sir ! They treat and care for patient with diabetes and extend their life expectation," the first officer reported.

The captain's face was filled with disgust.
"You mean they  intentionally perpetuate this weakness in their gene pool?"

"Sir, this is not the only Diabetes Center on this planet!
The data suggest that diabetes mellitus is an epidemic on this planet.
The prevalence is increased by new incidence and and reduced mortality due to these so called Diabetes Centres."

The Tyrannid Wars caused a major shift in the Imperium of Man's gene pool by weeding out the weak.

The Librarian looked up from his books.

"This disease had been wiped out in all known Imperium of Man civilisations in the last millennium.
Multiple wars caused the purging of many diseases as natural selection took place. The weak and infirm were always the first casualties of war. Throughout the centuries, through natural selection, genes prone to illness were slowly weeded out."
In some cases when whole planets succumbed to Tyrannid infestations, they had to be purged (targeted for planetary destruction) and only the physically strong were evacuated.
Legend had it that the Tyrannids had a predilection to feasting on diabetes sufferers due their more palatable constitution."

Tyrannids, also known as the Great Devourer, most from galaxy to galaxy, devouring entire civilisations..

The idea of propagation physical weakness is too vile for Captain to handle.
"I shall purge this place and its weakness propagating activities right now! And the whole planet with it!
First Officer Tarus! Start the Exterminatus protocol! Set orbital bombardment protocols to planetary purge!"

"No sir! Such decisions should not be made with such haste!" Apothecarist Mellitus interjected.

"Tell me why I shouldn't purge this weakness from man's existence? This planet disgusts me! Why.. the thought of our warship being in this proximity fills my heart with dishonour"

"Although they propagate weakness, they have may have some potential.
 Though their military is far inferior to us, they are actually not dissimilar to the Imperial Guard."

Captain Astartes snickered.

Though they make-up the bulk of the Imperium of Man's army, the Imperial Guards are frequently looked down on by their Space Marines brethen due to their perceived inferior fighting capabilities.

 "Infact, though they have no spaceworthy military craft, they do nuclear weapons.
"Our simulations suggest if they did face a Tyrannid attack, there would be a 99% probability that nuclear weapons would be activated resulting in a nuclear meltdown or total planetary disintegration, thus eliminating the danger of the planet becoming a Tyrannid feeding nest."

"Hmm.. I suspect you are being partial to these weaklings because of your name?"

"No Sir! We apothecaries are named after vile disease to remind ourselves of our daily fight against weakness, whether of the mind or of the body."

"Very well.... let us leave this system and get this planet out of my sight before I change my mind!"

Friday, 19 April 2013

What is your ranking in Malaysia?

During my recent travels, it was again reinforced to me that the world ranks people to different classes/rights. When I was in the airport, people in first and business class boarded first, got served better and had their own "lounges" which were off limits to "cattle class " people like myself. Then I went to Marina Bay Sands mall in Singapore. I realised a single item in many of the shops there would have finished up the entire allocated budget I had for the trip. Often the shop was open but the doors were closed, I felt it was a unspoken sign to keep out people of a "lower" class. In these scenarios, people were classed based on how much money they owned or were willing to spend. In Malaysia, we often use the term "second class citizen" to describe a class of people with less rights according to the law than others. We are talking about discrimination written into law, not discrimination by the population. In fact this phenomenon is not isolated to Malaysia, many countries follow this kind of discriminatory practices. Fijian Indians mention that they are "second class citizens" as well. As the Malaysian election looms, I just thought I'd make a list of different ranks of rights/benefits of people in Malaysia. This is just my opinion to be taken as is. You may be free to disagree. Feel free to comment. Please note I am not a hater nor do I condone hate between people. I think it is the most foolish sentiment of all. In the end, God is the only true judge of us.

What is your rank in Malaysia?

1. UMNO members
2. UMNO cronies
3. Other BN members
4 . BN cronies
5.  Malays ( Bumiputras - think they are 1st class but actually number 5)
6. Non-malays who are muslims ( pseudo Bumiputras )
7. Non Malay indigenous people ( actual Bumiputras but second class Bumi rights)
8. Malaysian Chinese/Indian    ( think they are second class but actually number 8)
9 Dan lain-lain ( and others)

I have a dream.... a dream to be number 2 again.
Let us reclaim what it should be..

1. Malays and other indigenous ( Bumiputra)
2. Dan lain lain -  ( me)

Are you ready for CHANGE?

Finally, I wish you to ponder this famous quote below

First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.
Then they came for the socialists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a socialist.
Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.
Then they came for the Catholics,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Catholic.
Then they came for me,
and there was no one left to speak for me.

Martin Niemoller (1892-1984)

Saturday, 13 April 2013

What you can learn about your friends from playing Dota

People say you can know a person's true character by their driving.
I say, you can REALLY know a person's character by the way they play DOTA.
You will never really know a person's true trait until you face adversity, but do you really want to wait for adversity to know if you can rely on your friends?
You don't have to..
Just play Dota.
Then you will find out which of your friends you would want with you during a Zombie Apocolpyse

Do you know which friend you can count on during a Zombie Apocalypse? 

I'll just list a few typical traits you can pick up about a person from playing Dota
This traits are not mutually exclusive so one person may have more than one trait

For the uninitiated, here is the link to Dota2 website.

Okay.. lets's start..

The Altruist

This is a true friend, he will never leave you behind no matter what. Even if the situation is hopeless and you are outnumbered he would return from a position of safety to try to rescue you.
A true friend you would want on your side in an apocalyptic situation.
In Dota, being over altruistic is sometimes detrimental to your overall team progress but it's always good to know that someone has your back.

The Farmer

Money and gear is the main objective of this person.
His primary goal is to get as much money as he can to buy the super duper items so he can own everyone late game. Often this is done at the expense of the overall benefit of the team
Unlike the altruist, given the choice of facing danger to rescue a friend and farming non-hostile creeps, the choice is easy for this one.
Though a farmer often lacks teamwork, a well levelled and equiped player on your team is still beneficial late game.

The Grunt

The grunt has a very straight forward modus operandi, he fights.
I suppose the grunt is the core for the fighting force.
Courage is his forte. Generally compliant in teamwork.
Good to have on your team

The General

This is a person you want on your team in a fight.
The general has the ability to assess the situation and come up with the best strategy in any given scenario.
Usually the general has very good map awareness and continually assesses the situation and changes tactics to cope. A good general will lead the team to victory, unless he faces a better opponent general that is..
In gaming terms, the general excels at the macro as well as the micro.

The Pro

You can think of the pro like a "hero" or a special forces" agent. Think about "Ripley" in Aliens.
The pro is known for his/her superb fighting skills and ability to adapt in the heat of the moment.
Combining a Pro trait with the Altruist trait is awesome but combining a Pro with a General trait  is the best.

The Self Preserver.

You will see this in many movies, Mr Smith in "Lost in Space". The hunchback in "300".
The primary goal of the self preserver is to preserve himself.
He won't be the one to take one for the team. All he cares about is his own progress.
Sometimes you wonder if he is even your team as he treats his teammates as competitors as well
The Self preserver trait often co-exist with The Farmer as if they are genes on the same chromosome.

The Newbie

The newbie is not so much of a trait as a stage in life. At the newbie stage you can tell much about a person,  how fast they learn, teamwork, the abilities to handle criticism, how they deal with defeat.
The newbie graduates to one of the above type of players.
Newbies that don't graduate to seasoned players end up in a purgatory state called  "Noob".

So... ready for some Dota?

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Tale of 3 Budget Airlines : Jetstar Vs Tiger Airways Vs Air Asia Review

So, this time I went back to Malaysia via Singapore I took 3 budget airlines.

Auckland <----> Singapore             Jetstar

Singapore <----> Kuching    Tiger Airways

Kuching <-----> Sibu            Air Asia

All in all the return trip added up to 6 flights altogether.
I'll give a quick review for those who might be interested in travelling with these airlines in the future.
This just based on my experience from  this trip.
I will rank them in categories

Online Booking

1. Jetstar wins this one- you can choose your seats from the remaining ones for free ( when you check-in online)
2. Tiger - Okay
3. AirAsia- More tedious than the rest. Although all budget airlines have hidden costs, AirAsia tries to milk you for as much as they can. I particularly hate the "opting out" for travel insurance. They add in the cost of insurance automatically and you have to opt-out by clicking a difficult to find "cancel" button.
After you click cancel, a pop-up will ask you
" Are you sure you want to cancel?"
and you will be given 2 options"
"Continue" or   "Cancel"
Guess which one you need to click to cancel your insurance?

AirAsia was recently fined by Australian courts for false advertising and multiple hidden costs.

Checking In

1. AirAsia - AirAsia wins this one as you have online check-in and you can print out your boarding pass online. This means if you have carrying-on baggage only, you can go to the airport and board the plane without going to a counter. They also have kiosks for checking in at some airports.
2. Jetstar- You can check-in online but you can't print a boarding pass. Checking in online does speed things up as the baggage drop line is usually faster.
3. Tiger Airways- Online check-in for limited flights and only available to Singapore citizens.


1. AirAsia and Tiger Airways - both were punctual, taking off on time. Tiger Airways arrived in Kuching a bit earlier than scheduled.

2. Jetstar - Take-off was delayed for 40 minutes on my return journey to Auckland and we arrived 1 hour late!

The Flight/Aircraft

Difficult to compare as obviously different crafts were used for different journeys.

1. Jetstar seats were reasonably comfortable and you get to choose seats from leftovers. They also had shared monitors where random in-flight entertainment were screened.
Tip: Bring a personal earphone, you can listen to music and watch TV without having to buy one.

2 +3 . AirAsia and Tiger tie for providing me with cramped seats for one leg of the journey each.
 ( one flight was okay and one was cramped). This things depend on your luck I think.

All 3 airlines use Airbuses rather than Boeings but that doesn't mean much.


I didn't try the food on any of the airlines this time although I have tried AirAsia food before ( it's okay).
Food is generally overpriced and not as good as what you can get at your destination. Get it if you need to for sustenance. I bought drinks to keep hydrated.


I did not have any trouble with service at the counter or in the air.

You do need to pack your luggage properly because the ground crew love throwing your luggage around with gay abandon. I'm not sure if this is airline specific, it's probably more likely to be airport specific. Cookies can become crumbs. Either mark your luggage as fragile or hand-carry delicate stuff.

Good lookingness of air crew

AirAsia wins this one, if it matters to you.

In summary, I have to give Jetstar a thumbs down for this trip as a delayed flight is the bane of any traveler.
The excuse we were given this time was "ground crew is still loading your luggage"

Happy Travelling

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Would you like this job?

I'm having a blast in Singapore. This morning I strolled past Boat Quay with my sister looking for some makan. I came across this! Yes a man wiping the bottom of a giant bronze bird. Instead of collapsing in laughter, I decided to take this picture and share it with you all. Not sure what to say about it? Tell your kids to study hard so they don't have to wipe a giant bird's bottom ? Enjoy..

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Tale of 2 Greedy Pigs

There were 2 of us, both motivated by greed.
Me, the diner, with my plastic takeaway box, intent to fill it with as much food as possible.
Her,the restaurant owner ( I presume), who's main motivation is money.

We were separated by 2 rows of food.
The restaurant was hers.
I had exchanged a sum of money for the right to fill the small plastic container with food.
Apparently it gave her no pleasure..

She stood there staring at me filling my box with the most stinky unhappy face I have ever seen.
Like I  had wronged her in the worst possible way.
Maybe I did, with each scoop, I reduced her profit margin.
But I only wanted to fulfill my desire for food, was I wrong?
I am a pig after all.

I left the restaurant feeling a bit uncomfortable
Judging from the boss face, she was not exactly happy either.

Lesson: Don't be consumed by greed! It will make you unhappy

Orang yang tamak selalu rugi!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Listen, Listen, Listen

Collaborate and listen...
Something happened at a university forum in Malaysia recently and it wasn't a Vanilla Ice concert.
UUM (University Utara Malaysia) held a forum called "Seiringkah Mahasiswa dan Politik"
translated as are "Are Undergraduates in line with Politics".
Simply, it looks like a brain washing session to me, with the election round the corner, this is no surprise.
At the beginning of the video , you see the students taking an oath saying they won't participate in street demonstrations and wont be a "destroyer of the country".

What what follows was a bit more ugly.
An obviously bright student stood up and pointed out that that the Bersih demonstration was legal.
Bersih was a demonstration to rally for clean and fair elections in Malaysia.
After this she went on to ask, why can't Malaysia afford free education for their future generations backing up her point with facts and figures. Then the insanity starts..

Suddenly she was interrupted by the MC who just started talking while the student was mid-sentence.
Unlike Kayne West she didn't even let her finish!

Then came a very rage-inducing condescending rant from the MC
A long string of " listen listen listen listen listen .." to silence the student,
followed by " Let me speak, let me speak " repeated ad nauseam.
I had to turn the video off because it was making me sick

Okay.. for this blog I forced myself to finish watching the video
(I have to admit I skipped a few parts of the video to avoid brain damage)
I hope you readers are grateful that I polluted my brain for your benefit.
I suppressed my gag reflex and listened to the vile faeculent bilious vomit coming from this woman's mouth.
Somebody give her some ondansetron  and fleet enema stat. Cause the "$%!# has gone the wrong way.
Wait, give me the ondansetron instead!

She went on to insult the student for comparing Malaysia to other countries
 " What are you doing in Malaysia?" " you can go everywhere"
Tragically this sentence is all too familiar to us, Malaysians.
This is a common phrase used by racists and sections of the current ruling government.
"Don't like Malaysia, just leave"
"Tak suka, balik Cina, balik India "  ( Dun like it go back to China, or India )

Then she went total nutjob and started talking about animals.
Unfortunately she doesn't know the english word for shark but used "Jaws" instead. Truly an embarrasment to her education. Among other things, she insulted the student's education, her age and also mocked her for being in the university.

The reaction to this video however has given me hope.

95% of commentors felt that the MC was frankly a &*%&*
Personally I'm thinking of a word rhyming with "itch"
The video on youtube was viewed 20000 yesterday.
Today it has hit over 200k views.
This is a good indication that the majority of Malaysian net-users at least still know what is right or wrong.

Many UUM students piped up to say this does not represent their university  as this was an outside speaker, not a university lecturer. I hope so, but the average level of intelligence I observed was frankly not very high and the organiser was basically condescending the whole hall.
The MC even shut up a speaker on the panel with
" Who wants a Galaxy Note!"
( another not uncommon tactic, given away gifts to keep the sheep in line)
In my opinion, when that student left the hall, the average IQ of the hall dropped.

I really wonder, do they even know what a forum is for?
This is not a kindergarten class where little kiddies have to listen to everything the teacher says .
This is supposed to be a forum in a tertiary centre of education where young minds are challenged and grow.
I didn't see any encouragement of independent thought or challenge of new ideas.
Just an stifling of anyone with a different opinion
Really shameful.. really not unlike the dictatorial style of Msia's people in power.

The video below perhaps gives the best suitable response to this saga.

Notice I didn't mention the MC's name. She disgusts me so much I just don't want her name on my blog.
The name of the student , however is Bawani.
And she, has my RESPECT

More food for thought.. this is an Iranian video my friend shared on Facebook today

Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever?

I've recently come across this little gem.
Apparently the hardest puzzle ever!
I extracted it from New Scientist,though this puzzle originated from the logician Raymond Smullyan.
So do you think you've got what it takes?
Please do let me know if you get the answer
I will treat you to "kampua" ( cost of transport not included)

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Triple Roast Rice - Sunny Chinese Takeaways - Hamilton

As you might know from my previous blog I am a big fan of chinese roasts. Roast duck, roast pork, bbq pork, crispy skin chicken..
I like em all, hence my favourite order item the "Triple Roast Rice".
I have since moved away from Christchurch so it is not so easy to "Rock the Dragon" anymore.
Last week I went to Sunny Chinese Takeaways on the recommendation of a friend for authentic roast duck.
Of course I couldn't resist ordering the triple roast and not just the duck..

Funny that the restaurant is called Sunny but is located on Grey Street ( in Hamilton). The owners are mainland chinese and speak cantonese. Didn't get a smiling service but hey, I'm not here for that,  lets get to the eating. There were 3 small tables ( I don't know if anyone dines in or if it's just takeaways) and my order came through soon.
I took it home, but not before stopping at the chinese store across the street to get my favourite Lau Gan Ma chilly sauce.

First of all the the serving size is decent. Feels a bit less than the one from Dragon's but that might be an optic illusion. The triple roast came with cabbage and brocolli as a vege side ( this  is a sign of westernization). However, the roast it self is not westernised. It's rather authentic.
The BBQ pork is succulent and tasty. It has a stronger smoky and honey taste compared with the one from Dragon. Very authentic. Reminds me of what I used to have when younger. Nowadays, there are a lot of so-called BBQ pork that just look "red" but don't taste like BBQ pork at all. But not this one.... this is the real deal.

The roast pork is more tender and the crackling is very well done and crispy. It is not not hard is light and crunchy. Thumbs up.  The duck let me down a bit as it was mostly skin and bones. I suppose this is the luck of the draw, like when you get a tiny wing from KFC in ur 3 piece quarter pack. The taste is good however, and more honey flavoured compared with dragon's.

Overall, I rate this triple roast place highly and I will sure return for more.
It costs $12 which is very reasonable in NZ.

How does it compare with Dragon's triple roast? Dragon's roast has a more "brutal " feel, the pieces are larger and chunky and it comes with Bok Choy ( more chinesey). The marinade has a more heavy five spice and star anise taste. Sunny's roast  is more sweet and tender. I like em both and basically I just take what I can get.

I'll be back..

Oh, they have a website..