Tuesday, 3 July 2012

No Dogs And Chinese Allowed

I'm a big fan of Kung Fu movies, especially the Jackie Chan and Jet Li era. But no martial artist is as renowned as Bruce Lee himself. One of the scenes I remember the most was from the movie "Fist of Fury", where Bruce's character Chen Zhen was prevented from entering a compound with the sign "No Dogs and Chinese Allowed". The movie was set during the Japanese occupation of China. Needless to say, Bruce didn't think much of the sign and kicked it to pieces, after first dispensing some "Fist of Fury". Nowadays, being all modern and all, with the "global village thing"  the thought of having a sign forbidding a certain race from entering a compound would be uncommon and frowned upon. In fact Malaysia, where I grew up, was very strongly anti-apartheid.

Anyway, I was reminded of this "No Dogs and Chinese Allowed" scene when I read a recent article from a Malaysian Newspaper. I have used Google translate to translate it, so the English is not so great. The original article is in Malay. You can read the article in Malay or the Google translation.
Basically, a few NGOs of a certain race are having demonstrations to prevent anyone from other races buying any shops in a new development project. Because they want to maintain a single race community. The funny thing is, the developers said they have sold non of the lots to any other race, but they decided to demonstrate anyway, just in case they were lying. Oh well, go figure. I wonder if the "ChinaTowns" of Western cities stop non-chinese people from buying property there. I'm pretty sure not.
This article also reminded me of another picture I saw recently of students from a university in Malaysia protesting the suggestion of allowing other races into the university. This university is only for one race by the way. Oh yeah, it's also publicly funded, meaning it's funded by races that are not allowed to attend it.
Well what do you think of that?

Me? I just laugh. Haha! Looks like a " No Dogs and Chinese Allowed" moment. But without Bruce Lee's action.
I laugh but feel sad. Is that possible? I suppose it's the opposite of people crying when they are happy :(

Anyway, if you're a Kung Fu fan, Fist of Legend starring Jet Li is an awesome variation of Bruce Lee's Fist of Fury!

I've included the articles for those interested.
Jengka - The non-governmental organizations (NGOs) around the city will not be stopped from continuing to do a demonstration for action from the developer 65 new stores here, surrender the premises to non-Natives.Yesterday, the NGOs once again a demonstration in front of the shops involved after the first demonstration was held on June 8.Among the NGOs who are NSW Heritage True Son (Waps), the Organization of Indigenous Peoples Malaysia Mighty (Mighty), Chamber of Commerce Malaysia (DPMM), Hawkers and Petty Traders Association of Malay Entrepreneurs Association Region Jengka, Malay Businessmen and Industrialists Association of Traders (Perdama) and the local community.Chairman of the Mighty JengkaSabrey Ahmad Idris said he would do a series and third series of demonstrations will be held this Friday at the premises of the Mosque of Sultan Ahmad Shah Jengka."We will not stop until we were unable to transform the city into a city of demonstrations held in front of the new shop in town Jengka yesterday. majority Malay community."We do not want developers think our struggle is far from alone as we will continue to do so until our real goal is achieved, no additional action from the authorities," he said.Ahmad Sabrey said, after making a demonstration before, the developers have responded."Developers involved told me that all 65 lots were sold to the shop Natives. "We are not sure how true, but we hope that what is told is a true statement and is not intended to distort," he said.He also stressed that the struggle to defend the city Jengka as Malays are not politically motivated. "This struggle has nothing to do with politics.As long as they are spirited Malay, we suggest that they participate in this demonstration."We also provide a reminder to any party so as not to confound this with the political, thereby interfere with our struggle," he said.Population, Nizam Anuarul Kechik, 37, said, it is important to maintain City Jengka as Malay city to provide opportunities for the Malays venture into business."If he goes to non-Bumiputera businessmen indirectly restrict the development of Malay business here."Furthermore, it is the only Malay town and we want to keep this city without the non-Bumiputera businessmen as mandated by AlmarhumTun Abdul Razak," he told The Star

JENGKA - Badan bukan kerajaan (NGO) di seluruh bandar ini tidak akan berhenti daripada terus melakukan demonstrasi bagi menghalang tindakan pemaju 65 kedai baru di sini, menyerahkan premis terbabit kepada bukan Bumiputera.
Semalam, NGO berkenaan sekali lagi mengadakan demonstrasi di hadapan kedai terbabit selepas demonstrasi kali pertama diadakan pada 8 Jun lalu.
Antara NGO yang terlibat ialah Warisan Anak Pahang Sejati (Waps), Pertubuhan Peribumi Perkasa Malaysia (Perkasa), Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Malaysia (DPMM), Persatuan Penjaja dan Peniaga Kecil Melayu, Persatuan Usahawan Wilayah Jengka, Persatuan Pedagang dan Pengusaha Melayu (Perdama) dan masyarakat setempat.
Pengerusi Perkasa Jengka,
Ahmad Sabrey Idris berkata, pihaknya akan melakukan demonstrasi bersiri dan siri ketiga akan diadakan pada Jumaat ini di pekarangan Masjid Sultan Ahmad Shah Jengka.
“Kami tidak akan berhenti selagi kami tidak berjaya menjelmakan bandar ini menjadi sebuah bandar yang Demonstrasi yang diadakan di hadapan bangunan kedai baru di bandar Jengka, semalam. majoritinya masyarakat Melayu.
“Kami juga tidak mahu pemaju menyangka perjuangan kami terhenti setakat ini sahaja kerana kami akan terus melakukannya sehinggalah matlamat sebenar kami tercapai, tambahan tiada sebarang tindakan daripada pihak berkuasa,” katanya.
Ahmad Sabrey berkata, selepas melakukan demonstrasi sebelum ini, pihak pemaju ada memberikan maklum balas.
“Pemaju terbabit memaklumkan kepada saya bahawa kesemua 65 lot kedai tersebut telah dijual kepada Bumiputera. “Kami tidak pasti sejauh mana kebenarannya, namun kami harap apa yang diberitahu adalah satu kenyataan yang betul dan bukan bertujuan untuk memutarbelitkan,” katanya.
Beliau turut menegaskan bahawa perjuangan untuk mempertahankan Jengka sebagai bandar Melayu bukanlah berunsurkan politik. “Perjuangan ini tidak ada kena-mengena langsung dengan politik.
Asalkan mereka ini berjiwa Melayu, kami sarankan mereka turut serta dalam demonstrasi ini.
“Kami juga beri peringatan kepada mana-mana pihak supaya tidak mencampuradukkan perkara ini dengan politik, sekali gus mengganggu perjuangan kami ini,” katanya.
Penduduk, Anuarul Nizam Kechik, 37, berkata, penting mengekalkan Bandar Jengka sebagai bandar Melayu bagi memberi peluang kepada orang Melayu menceburkan diri dalam bidang perniagaan.

“Kalau masuk peniaga bukan Bumiputera secara tidak langsung menyekat perkembangan perniagaan Melayu di sini.
“Tambahan pula, inilah satu-satunya bandar Melayu dan kita mahu mengekalkan bandar ini tanpa peniaga bukan Bumiputera sepertimana yang diamanatkan AlmarhumTun Abdul Razak,” katanya kepada Sinar Harian

Hooray for centers of higher learning!

Anti-integration is not new :(