Wednesday, 23 October 2013

TKK Fried Chicken頂呱呱- Review

As my readers know, I am quite a big fan of KFC. Well.... fried chicken in general.
During my recent trip to Taiwan, the last leg of my trip was in Taipei... just as my friends and I were going to retire to our hotel... we saw this...

TKK Fried Chicken, or as the locals called it..頂呱呱 Taiwan's own fried chicken franchise. You could say that it's their version of KFC.
Of course, that can only mean one thing...

I ordered a standard meal.
For the drink, I had iced lemon tea. It was not bad. A bit on the sweet side.

As always, I start attacking the chips first. I was a bit surprised that they were kumara/sweet potato chips!
Nice touch! Unfortunately the chips were not crispy and were a bit soggy. Maybe it was close to closing time.. tastes ok, but sogginess and grease don't go well.

The chicken not coated in thick batter like KFC hot and spicy.The skin was not very crispy but the flavour was pretty good. It tastes distinct, a bit sweet not bad at all. Smells good too.
The meat was not very tender or succulent and I did not feel was marinated well. This was a major let down.

When I bit into the bun I was surprised. There were 2 layers. I'm not sure what the difference was but the bun was sweet. Tasted pretty good. It was more firm than KFC's bun which is softer and fluffier.

I gave TKK a shot but unfortunately it let me down. Nice try but not up to KFC Hot and Spicy calibre. 
Not bad compared with KFC original recipe though. If they had done better with the consistency ( ie more crispy rather than soggy) they might have stood a chance.

Too bad..

Watch the video below for a Smackdown between Colonel Sanders, Ronald McDonald and Mr TKK.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

What's the answer to 6÷2(1+2) ?

Okay... let's do this

First of all, apologies if you feel this question is too easy, I thought so too... except.. out of the >570k comments on Facebook, the answer is almost split 50/50 , 1 or 9. With a few answering 6. ( if this is you please comment)

BTW there are huge long debates online about this. And some rather smart people arguing for either answer.
Google calculator answer =9

I don't have any super qualifications, just an interest in answers. Of course this answer is just my own.

So.. my answer for this question is ....1 !!

I'll just show my reasoning, feel free to disagree.

6÷2 (1+2)
= 6÷ 2 (3)
= 6÷ 6

= 1

This is what most people who answer 1 will get , no questions on this (1+2)--->(3)

The question is 6÷ 2 first or 2(3) first?

First of all 6/2 is not 6÷ 2
and 2(3) is not 2x3

If the question was 6÷2 x 3 the answer would be 9
So my solution here is 2(3) should be solved before 6÷ 2 as I take 2(3) as a single unit

If it was 6/2 (1+2)


top answer is 9 bottom answer is 1

And another thing 6÷2(1+2) is not (6÷2) (1+2) as the answer for this is also 9

Let's do some algebra 6÷2 (1+2) = X , Solve X

6÷2 (1+2) = X
6=2x(1+2)  or  [2x+4x]

Oh wait... that still fails to solve the argument

Try    6÷X(1+2) = 9  VS     6÷X(1+2) = 1               Pick the equation that would fulfill X=2

Which one would solve our problem?

6÷X(1+2) = 9
6= 9X(1+2)
6= 27X
X=2/9     ---- this is not right!

6÷X(1+2) = 1

If you plug X=2 into the equation you get 6÷2(1+2) = 1

Not enough?

6÷X(1+2) = 1
6÷(X+2X) =1

Just for fun,we could do 6÷2(1+X) = 1    to satisfy our answer we need X=2

6÷2(1+X) = 1

Hope that helps.. the only people that would change my mind, maybe are my maths teachers (if they told me they had taught me wrongly) or this guy..