Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Local boy who's been overseas for too long gets owned by mosquito

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Sibu: Local boy who's been overseas for too long gets owned by mosquito

Got you! - Aedes Aegyti

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Local boy who's been overseas for too long get gastroenteritis from eating at local stall


 Jan 17 2012   last updated 1021GMT

SIBU: Local boy who's been overseas for a long time but still thinks he is local contracts diarrhoea from local food stall.
Mr Noob, who refused to give his name and age, has been overseas in some "ah mo" country for a while and is back for CNY.
He has been seen frequenting all the local coffeshops and stalls around town.
He still views himself as "local" despite the different sentiment of true locals.
It is reported at 1600 pm yesterday, he started getting chills and shakes and subsequently developed diarrhoea.
He is now bedridden with misery.
He refused to give a comment so we have interviewed the people around him

Friend: I told him lah, foreigner come and eat here always get "lau sai" lah. But he don't believe.
He say his stomach like iron. Can tahan. Now see?

Stall owner : Haiya that budak, cannot even speak local properly. I already know lah. Speak with accent but try to be local.  I knowlah, he olledi like banana, where got can tahan local spicy food? I make sambal belly belly nice one, u wan or not?

Stall owner 2 : I see him already know, this boy sure trouble one. Cannot even order food properly. See already sien. He even say "thank you" somemore. Ptuiii! Who says "thank you" around here!
He dunno, I already chop him! ( makes chopping movement with his hand )
Somemore, he try to pay with with 50 ringgit note. Jialat! I hate people who give me big note. Sia ba jin eng ( foochow: eat full nothing to do) Wah he think this is hotel hah?

Passer-by : I saw that nerdy pale boy, eating so happily there. I think.. where is this boy from ah. Speak "ing ung" (Foochow: english) somemore. Want to show off issit. Very "gen"" issit? Take picture of his food somemore. Good good.... now he get kena.

Mother: I told him, dun eat outside so much, not good for you. Eat at home already can. But he never listen.

Brother: Hahaha, he kena "owned"

Our latest report is that he is recuperating in an airconditioned room, cos he is too weak to take the heat.

Reuters 17 Jan 2012

This is the author's impression of the possible scenario

* the above story is not true news but inspired by real life events

Monday, 16 January 2012

The time I considered buying an Apple iMac

People who know me may think that I am anti-apple. (is it true?- I might talk about this another time..)
But believe it or not, I did once consider buying an apple iMac. And it wasn't even that long ago.
Just last year!

I was looking for a new desktop to replace my old flailing one. Actually, I just needed to upgrade to play Starcraft 2. My old desktop was > 7 years old ( which is about 700 y.o by computer age ) and ran Athlon Xp 1700. ( If' you're asking how I survived, I do have a laptop with is just a bit faster).

Anyway, I stepped in Dick Smith to see what they had to offer.. they sometime have good offers. Mostly I was checking out the CPUs and the specs.
Then I saw the iMacs.. hmm.. they look nice, and they wont take up too much space( No CPU case) .
Then I though to myself.. why not? Hmm.. wonder why I didn't consider them before?
As I browsed the iMacs, I remembered why I never bought a Mac.
The ones on display had much inferior specs to what I was looking for but cost a lot more!
All I could say to Apple then was " you  %$#^&^ " 

So, that was the end of my "fling" with the iMac, it lasted about 3 minutes.

I can't remember the exact specs that I saw but I do remember the anger I felt.
Anyway, I had a look at current prices of 2 similar spec machine, I used Dell Vs iMac.
( current to 3 Jan 2012)

 The font looks a bit odd, but I cut and pasted it from the respective websites..

Package 1


NZ $1899.00

PROCESSOR2nd Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2320 Processor (3.0GHz, 6MB cache)
OPERATING SYSTEMGenuine Windows(R) 7 Home Premium SP1 64 bit (English)
WARRANTY & SERVICE1 Year In-Home Service with Premium Phone Support
SECURITY SOFTWAREMcAfee® SecurityCenter™ (Multi-Language) - 15 Months
MONITORDell ST2320L 23''W Full HD Monitor with LED
HARD DRIVE2TB (1TBx2) SATA RAID 0 (Data Striping)
OPTICAL DRIVESingle Drive:16X DVD+/-RW with Dual Layer Write
SOUND CARDIntegrated high definition 7.1 channel audio
Accessorise My Dell
SOFTWAREMicrosoft® Office Starter 2010: reduced-functionality Word & Excel w/ads. No PowerPoint or Outlook.
KEYBOARDDell™ Studio™ Multimedia Keyboard Black
MOUSEDell™ Laser Mouse

Package 2 

APPLE iMac 21.5 inch
NZ$ 3,068.99  ( what's with the 99 cents? )
Product Image
 21.5 inch iMAc
2.7GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5

  • 8GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2x4GB

  • 2TB Serial ATA Drive

  • AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512MB GDDR5

  • Apple Magic Mouse

  • Apple Wireless Keyboard (International English) and User Guide (English)

  • There are some spec differences with the above 2 machines, mostly in favour of the Dell.
    You can figure out yourself.
    I really didn't wanna pay  >$1000 extra for something that looks nice and saves a bit of space.

    The main difference is prob Mac running OSX vs Windows 7 on the Dell.
    But, seriously, Windows 7 is fine!

    Yes yes..  you'll saying but it's a freaking DELL vs an APPLE!!!

    True.. but no one online will care what you brand is when
    " Your computer is slowing the game down " shows up..

    "BUT WAIT! There is an Apple Magic Mouse!!!"

    ... Hmm.... I'll see you on Battlenet ..

    BTW, I didn't buy a Dell  but customized a desktop from a local dealer (even lower cost!)

    In this case, the Apple has managed to keep the doctor away for another day..

    NB: Please don't stop buying Apple products because of my post, with your continued patronage, the chinese Apple factory line worker may one day be able to afford a Dell.