Sunday, 27 November 2011


What did you do today?
Oh I played Dota.
What the heck is Dota u might ask? (ask Wiki)
Actually I think practicing general medicine is a bit like DOTA.
Do you know why?
Because DOTA stands for Defence Of The Ancients!
In GM I feel like I'm defending the ancients everyday.
What if GM was like DOTA, what hero would you choose?

There are 3 hero classes to choose from in Dota.

Choose your hero!


Agile and  nimble, agility class heroes and can move fast between patients and wards. Able to clerk patients at high speeds. Unfortunately, a high metabolism means this agile hero needs frequent breaks and can burn out if worked too hard physically and mentally. These heros are particularly adept at attending to cardiac arrest calls at the "blink" of an eye.


High intelligence heroes can heal the sickest and most complicated patients . However work speed is slow because of attention to detail. This maybe be a disadvantage on busy acute days. High mana regen means the intel hero doesn't suffer mental fatigue as much as other heroes but he's not immune to physical lethargy. Intel heroes that are low in agility stats are usually not favoured in ward rounds cause they tend to draw the ward round out to very late game.


Physical strength is important on long stressful acute days . The ability to work long hours and take physical punishment is almost a requirement in medicine. Strength heroes are blessed with unnaturally large bladders and stomach so, they can work long periods without taking a break . The fast regeneration ensures that only short breaks are necessary for full recovery. These heroes are ideal if your hospital is short staffed because they can withstand an enormous amount of work before succumbing. In Dota they are called tanks.

In reality, all doctors and dota heroes have varying amount of all 3 attributes. It's important to have the right mix in a team for things to run smoothly. Teamwork is of utmost importance in both Dota and Medicine.



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