Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Listen, Listen, Listen

Collaborate and listen...
Something happened at a university forum in Malaysia recently and it wasn't a Vanilla Ice concert.
UUM (University Utara Malaysia) held a forum called "Seiringkah Mahasiswa dan Politik"
translated as are "Are Undergraduates in line with Politics".
Simply, it looks like a brain washing session to me, with the election round the corner, this is no surprise.
At the beginning of the video , you see the students taking an oath saying they won't participate in street demonstrations and wont be a "destroyer of the country".

What what follows was a bit more ugly.
An obviously bright student stood up and pointed out that that the Bersih demonstration was legal.
Bersih was a demonstration to rally for clean and fair elections in Malaysia.
After this she went on to ask, why can't Malaysia afford free education for their future generations backing up her point with facts and figures. Then the insanity starts..

Suddenly she was interrupted by the MC who just started talking while the student was mid-sentence.
Unlike Kayne West she didn't even let her finish!

Then came a very rage-inducing condescending rant from the MC
A long string of " listen listen listen listen listen .." to silence the student,
followed by " Let me speak, let me speak " repeated ad nauseam.
I had to turn the video off because it was making me sick

Okay.. for this blog I forced myself to finish watching the video
(I have to admit I skipped a few parts of the video to avoid brain damage)
I hope you readers are grateful that I polluted my brain for your benefit.
I suppressed my gag reflex and listened to the vile faeculent bilious vomit coming from this woman's mouth.
Somebody give her some ondansetron  and fleet enema stat. Cause the "$%!# has gone the wrong way.
Wait, give me the ondansetron instead!

She went on to insult the student for comparing Malaysia to other countries
 " What are you doing in Malaysia?" " you can go everywhere"
Tragically this sentence is all too familiar to us, Malaysians.
This is a common phrase used by racists and sections of the current ruling government.
"Don't like Malaysia, just leave"
"Tak suka, balik Cina, balik India "  ( Dun like it go back to China, or India )

Then she went total nutjob and started talking about animals.
Unfortunately she doesn't know the english word for shark but used "Jaws" instead. Truly an embarrasment to her education. Among other things, she insulted the student's education, her age and also mocked her for being in the university.

The reaction to this video however has given me hope.

95% of commentors felt that the MC was frankly a &*%&*
Personally I'm thinking of a word rhyming with "itch"
The video on youtube was viewed 20000 yesterday.
Today it has hit over 200k views.
This is a good indication that the majority of Malaysian net-users at least still know what is right or wrong.

Many UUM students piped up to say this does not represent their university  as this was an outside speaker, not a university lecturer. I hope so, but the average level of intelligence I observed was frankly not very high and the organiser was basically condescending the whole hall.
The MC even shut up a speaker on the panel with
" Who wants a Galaxy Note!"
( another not uncommon tactic, given away gifts to keep the sheep in line)
In my opinion, when that student left the hall, the average IQ of the hall dropped.

I really wonder, do they even know what a forum is for?
This is not a kindergarten class where little kiddies have to listen to everything the teacher says .
This is supposed to be a forum in a tertiary centre of education where young minds are challenged and grow.
I didn't see any encouragement of independent thought or challenge of new ideas.
Just an stifling of anyone with a different opinion
Really shameful.. really not unlike the dictatorial style of Msia's people in power.

The video below perhaps gives the best suitable response to this saga.

Notice I didn't mention the MC's name. She disgusts me so much I just don't want her name on my blog.
The name of the student , however is Bawani.
And she, has my RESPECT

More food for thought.. this is an Iranian video my friend shared on Facebook today


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