Sunday, 13 May 2012

How to power up your Samsung Galaxy S2 - via Ice Cream Sandwich

One of my favourite cartoons when I was younger was Dragonball Z. And by younger I mean, even in med school I was trying to rush home by 4 pm to watch Gohan fight Freeza. If you are a dragonball fan, you will know that Gohan powered up to SuperSaiyan 2 in the final fight against Cell. If you are not a Dragonball fan, just ignore what I said, but I'll show you how to power up your own SS2 ( Samsung Galaxy 2). I've included the following screenshots for my phone showing the benchmark improvements after the upgrading to Android version 4.0.3 aka Ice Cream Sandwich.

It's as simple as eating ice cream.
You just need Samsung Kies installed on your computer.
Make sure your Kies is uptodate.
When you plug in your phone via USB, it will prompt you to update your firmware.
You can connect to Kies via wifi, but you cannot update firmware via wifi.
Just make sure you back up your data.
I only backed up essential data but not the photos or music.
After the update, the phone will restart itself and reinstall all your previous applications.
I didn't lose any data, not even the ones I didn't back up.
(However, backing up is still advisable)

As you can see my Quadrant score jumped from 2869 to 4230. Not bad at all
If you look at the Vellamo benchmark, it will give you comparison scores to other phones as well as the SGS2 running Android 2.3
Funnily enough there are also androids in dragonball, but that's a different story.
I leave you with a scene from Dragaonball Z- Gohan powering up to Super Saiyan 2!
FYI- Gohan's power level at SS2 was estimated at 300,000,000.

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