Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Learn Foochow 102 - "Du" - PiG

Okay.. lesson number 2. I will base it around one word. "Dṳ " or " Pig".
(ṳ is the French u in lune or German ü as in für)

If you missed lesson one, here is the link
Learn Foochow 101

Okay.. here are various uses of the word "pig".
Most of what I have listed below are used as some form of insult.
I'm not suggesting you go insulting people, but some situations may call for it :)

1. "Du" - Pig

2. "Ya Du " - Wild Pig/Boar

3.  "Bui Du"  - Fat pig

4. "Dian pa Du" - Crazy pig

5. "Du tao"  - Pig head

6."Sai Du" - Sh#t pig

7. "Du Ka" -Pork leg

7. "Du Ve Ge" -"Pigsy" - Monkey King's Companion in Journey to the East

Have fun!
If you want more lessons, please let me know in the comment section!


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  2. Haha!! Had me cracked up laughing! xD

  3. TQ teacher!
    More lessons plz...... :)

  4. hi, Teacher, I'm Row your Foochow lessons are very interesting . I'm a beginner would like to learn more.

  5. Your Foochow lessons are amazing and will help preserve the Foochow heritage, which was nearly wiped out in China. Please keep it up!

  6. This is amazing! Please publish more lessons! I am trying to reconnect with my Foochow roots in order to communicate better with my Foochow grandparents and mother. Could you also maybe include sound bites of how the words should be pronounced? Thank you! :D