Saturday, 3 December 2011

Case Study: Alien Infestation as Atypical cause of Chest and Rib Pain

Date 23/11/2080

Admitted under GM 19, Dr Chang. Rejected by cardiology- unlikely to be cardiac.

Patient Name: Corporal J .Hicks
Age: 32

Presenting complaint: Chest pain - 1/52

History of Presention Compaint:
Patient has had 1 week of central chest pain. Feels like "pounding" At time feels like chest about to burst.
Pain radiates to back. Pleuritic. Associated with SOB.
Chills and sweats for 2 weeks.
Haemoptysis 4 days.
Recent long haul flight from mining colony #210 on Betelguese system.
Cryostasis for 1 month.
Arrived 2 weeks ago
No calf swelling or calf pain.
Previously fit and well

Past Medical History:

USCMC issued Stim-packs


Family History:
Negative for cardiac or thromboembolic disease

Social History:
Recent assignment to Colony #210 Betelguese system
Corporal in United States Colonial Marine Corps
Non smoker
Some alcohol

O/E Patient is pale and diaphoretic.
   BP 100/55mmHg   Temp 37.5
  Sats 88% RA
Pulse 110/min
JVP raise at 6 cm
Pectus carinatum?  Chest dullness to percussion bilaterally.
Very prominent ventricular heave
Chest reduced breathsounds and crackles throughout
Abdo distended, mildly tender. Epigastric tenderness.

Differentials: ? PE
                   ? LRTI
                    ? Alien infestation

Plan :
Isolation chamber
Needs armed security 24/7
IV Cefepime + Metronidazole

Date 24/11/2080

Post take:

Patient died overnight.
Chest wall exploded while in isolation chamber.
Alien facehugger unleashed from thoracic cage.
Successfully neutralised by arm guards after killing one guard.

Postmortem not planned as risk of contamination
Body for incineration
Notified Galactic Ministry of Health and US Colonial Marine Corps


If you have pounding chest pain and have been in alien contact within one month, please DO NOT board any ships.

Always wear mask and gloves when dealing with contaminated patients!

The M41a Pulse Rifle is your doctor recommended management for alien induced chest pain. 
Preferably with a grenade launcher attached.


  1. Editorial: On review, it would be best practice if the patient received a CXR or a CT chest as part of his workup. This could have potentially prevented the death of the guard.

  2. Accepted, please dun report me to medical council :(