Friday, 14 September 2012

iPhone 5 SPECs vs SPECs

Hi everyone!

So.... the iPhone 5 is out. A few days ago, I posted a blog SPECulating on the iPhone5's SPECifications.
Okay, so let's see how well I did.
First of all, I mentioned 3 main themes in the next iPhone. I can say I am quite right about them.
1st- Improvements in hardware and software - the "boring" part. Actually this is most of what the new iPhone has to offer.. faster.. lighter.. thinner.. blah blah..  2nd - Narrowing some gaps with the high-end Android phones -  4G, bigger screen, faster processor. And lastly - some gimmicks - earphones, "Lightning" pin.

Okay , I'll just list out what I predicted and how it compares with the real iPhone5.

1. Screen

"I am pretty sure it will be a bigger screen, possibly a 16:9 aspect ratio. And again, featuring its high resolution Retina screen. Prob 4 inch ballpark.
Maybe a borderless screen that goes right to the edge?"

Bingo- 4 inch Retina screen it is.

2. Processor

"Not much to guess here, expect a quad core processor, either a Snapdragon or Tegra chip. But it will be called A6, and it's true spec won't be revealed."

Pretty close - A6 - and no details revealed . Although I have heard it is a duo core rather than quad.

3. RAM

"Glaringly, the iPhone4s' 500mb RAM is not really a market leader. In fact the other day I was thinking that my current phone has a higher ram than my old desktop, which I am no longer using. Then I realised at least my old desktop still trumps the iPhone4s in this department. Expect the RAM to increase to 1 or 2 g."

Unknown- No one likes to point out they're are behind, and definitely not Apple. I suspect most likely 1g. No doubt this info will be available in the new future.

4. Casing

"Probably still something metallic. I suspect Apple will do away with the infamous 'smashing' glass coating.
Screen will feature Gorilla glass 2, but of course this won't be revealed to you."

Correct- Not much change except removal of glass back.

5. Size

"Wider, longer, thinner, lighter. However the width may not change as much if the screen goes to the edge."

Close- Longer, thinner, lighter. But width remains the same

6. Colours

"Black, white or silver."

Hmm.. Just black and white.. with some silver

7. UI

"Will Apple stick to its awesome grid of icons? I suspect this interface will finally change. With one extra interface layer added. I was going to say that Apple will allow more user customization, but I take this back now. I think the UI may change and look more fluid and multidimensional, but it will stick with 1 type of interface. The best one. At least that is what you will be told.
More multitasking ability."

Unfortunately Apple HAS decided to stick to the boring uncustomizable grid of icons.
They didn't add a new interface layer, just one layer of icons!
And yes.. Apple says it's " the most advanced OS ever"

8. Connectivity

"4G. And other stuff.. Wifi, bluetooth, and it's proprietary pin connector that will cost you $30 for an extra cable."

Bingo - 4G
Bingo- New proprietary pin that will cost old Apple users NZD$49.00 for an adaptor.

9. Apple Map/Navigation

"Apple is trying to break away from any reliance on Google products. Expect Google maps to be replaced with its own map and navigation system."

Bingo- Maps App

10. Camera

"Better cameras, front and back. Not much more to say. 10-12 megapixels perhaps?
For camera enthusiasts, before you start nagging me, I meant a better in all ways, not just increased megapixel count, okay?"

Close - No surprises here. The surprise is Apple exalting the awesomeness of the panoramic mode, which is already native feature on the Samsung Galaxy S2. Marketing chief Phil Schiller used the term " killer panoramic mode"

I was wrong about the 10-12 megapixels.

11. Some novelty software that you can't get on the 'last iPhone'. Like Siri.

"Voice controlled camera? More voice controlled everything?
Motion controlled functions.
Some stuff you won't need but will want.
More iPhone to iPhone only social networking apps.
Apple TV remote?"


More voice control Siri options.
No mention of new motion controls.
Facetime over network. Integrated FB
New earphones.
Airplay for Apple TV.

12. Long lines

"Again, expect long lines, as people fight to fill the emptiness of their hearts."

Pretty sure there will be long lines. Not sure about the empty hearts being filled though...maybe just for a while.

I leave you now with this video, which reminds us again why we should tip our hats off to Apple.
Genius deserves respect and when it comes to marketing, Apple is in it's own class.


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  2. it looks pretty awesome but whats its price and what features dose it offers... is this a business mobile phone? I searched on the net but i wasn't able to get any information about it.