Saturday, 13 April 2013

What you can learn about your friends from playing Dota

People say you can know a person's true character by their driving.
I say, you can REALLY know a person's character by the way they play DOTA.
You will never really know a person's true trait until you face adversity, but do you really want to wait for adversity to know if you can rely on your friends?
You don't have to..
Just play Dota.
Then you will find out which of your friends you would want with you during a Zombie Apocolpyse

Do you know which friend you can count on during a Zombie Apocalypse? 

I'll just list a few typical traits you can pick up about a person from playing Dota
This traits are not mutually exclusive so one person may have more than one trait

For the uninitiated, here is the link to Dota2 website.

Okay.. lets's start..

The Altruist

This is a true friend, he will never leave you behind no matter what. Even if the situation is hopeless and you are outnumbered he would return from a position of safety to try to rescue you.
A true friend you would want on your side in an apocalyptic situation.
In Dota, being over altruistic is sometimes detrimental to your overall team progress but it's always good to know that someone has your back.

The Farmer

Money and gear is the main objective of this person.
His primary goal is to get as much money as he can to buy the super duper items so he can own everyone late game. Often this is done at the expense of the overall benefit of the team
Unlike the altruist, given the choice of facing danger to rescue a friend and farming non-hostile creeps, the choice is easy for this one.
Though a farmer often lacks teamwork, a well levelled and equiped player on your team is still beneficial late game.

The Grunt

The grunt has a very straight forward modus operandi, he fights.
I suppose the grunt is the core for the fighting force.
Courage is his forte. Generally compliant in teamwork.
Good to have on your team

The General

This is a person you want on your team in a fight.
The general has the ability to assess the situation and come up with the best strategy in any given scenario.
Usually the general has very good map awareness and continually assesses the situation and changes tactics to cope. A good general will lead the team to victory, unless he faces a better opponent general that is..
In gaming terms, the general excels at the macro as well as the micro.

The Pro

You can think of the pro like a "hero" or a special forces" agent. Think about "Ripley" in Aliens.
The pro is known for his/her superb fighting skills and ability to adapt in the heat of the moment.
Combining a Pro trait with the Altruist trait is awesome but combining a Pro with a General trait  is the best.

The Self Preserver.

You will see this in many movies, Mr Smith in "Lost in Space". The hunchback in "300".
The primary goal of the self preserver is to preserve himself.
He won't be the one to take one for the team. All he cares about is his own progress.
Sometimes you wonder if he is even your team as he treats his teammates as competitors as well
The Self preserver trait often co-exist with The Farmer as if they are genes on the same chromosome.

The Newbie

The newbie is not so much of a trait as a stage in life. At the newbie stage you can tell much about a person,  how fast they learn, teamwork, the abilities to handle criticism, how they deal with defeat.
The newbie graduates to one of the above type of players.
Newbies that don't graduate to seasoned players end up in a purgatory state called  "Noob".

So... ready for some Dota?

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