Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Space Marines VS Diabetes Centres

The Mothership Titanis hovered over Earth's southern hemisphere.
Captain Astates looked over the planet.
The planet resembled his home, Planet Terra.
Multiple screens flashed continuous pieces of data which his battle-weary brain analysed
His fleet had been sent to scour the universe for humanoids to join the Imperium of Man in its fight for survival.
The Imperium of man is faced with a never before seen level of threat from multiple fronts, the Tyrannids, the heretic Chaos army and the Necrons. Their fragile alliance with the Eldar may not even last.

This sector of the universe has been largely unaffected by the ongoing intergalactic war.
It seems the human colony here is oblivious that a universal battle has been ongoing for millennia.
In this corner of the universe, this small planet holds 7 billion humanoids, with a calculated 1.2 billion potentially battle worthy men and women.

The scanner scours an island in the southern hemisphere
a building called "Diabetes Centre" piqued the tired captain's attention.

"Librarian! Come here! "
And get the Apothecarist Diabetes Mellitus here!

"Librarian! Apothecarist! What is this.........Diabetes Centre?"

"Hmm.. this is an ancient disease that became extinct during the Tyrannid Wars
I can't believe it still exists in this millennium," said the Librarian

"Apothecarist Mellitus! What do you know about your name sake?"

Apothecarist Diabetes Mellitus was named after an ancient extinct disease

"Captain! Diabetes mellitus is an ancient disease of weakness. Either weakness of the genes or pure physical weakness. In those days people gorged themselves with nourishment until their pancreas' glucose regulation decompensated, culminating in hyperglycaemia and multiple complications of haemoglycation. This resulted in physical impairment and a shortened life span."

"Sir ! They treat and care for patient with diabetes and extend their life expectation," the first officer reported.

The captain's face was filled with disgust.
"You mean they  intentionally perpetuate this weakness in their gene pool?"

"Sir, this is not the only Diabetes Center on this planet!
The data suggest that diabetes mellitus is an epidemic on this planet.
The prevalence is increased by new incidence and and reduced mortality due to these so called Diabetes Centres."

The Tyrannid Wars caused a major shift in the Imperium of Man's gene pool by weeding out the weak.

The Librarian looked up from his books.

"This disease had been wiped out in all known Imperium of Man civilisations in the last millennium.
Multiple wars caused the purging of many diseases as natural selection took place. The weak and infirm were always the first casualties of war. Throughout the centuries, through natural selection, genes prone to illness were slowly weeded out."
In some cases when whole planets succumbed to Tyrannid infestations, they had to be purged (targeted for planetary destruction) and only the physically strong were evacuated.
Legend had it that the Tyrannids had a predilection to feasting on diabetes sufferers due their more palatable constitution."

Tyrannids, also known as the Great Devourer, most from galaxy to galaxy, devouring entire civilisations..

The idea of propagation physical weakness is too vile for Captain to handle.
"I shall purge this place and its weakness propagating activities right now! And the whole planet with it!
First Officer Tarus! Start the Exterminatus protocol! Set orbital bombardment protocols to planetary purge!"

"No sir! Such decisions should not be made with such haste!" Apothecarist Mellitus interjected.

"Tell me why I shouldn't purge this weakness from man's existence? This planet disgusts me! Why.. the thought of our warship being in this proximity fills my heart with dishonour"

"Although they propagate weakness, they have may have some potential.
 Though their military is far inferior to us, they are actually not dissimilar to the Imperial Guard."

Captain Astartes snickered.

Though they make-up the bulk of the Imperium of Man's army, the Imperial Guards are frequently looked down on by their Space Marines brethen due to their perceived inferior fighting capabilities.

 "Infact, though they have no spaceworthy military craft, they do nuclear weapons.
"Our simulations suggest if they did face a Tyrannid attack, there would be a 99% probability that nuclear weapons would be activated resulting in a nuclear meltdown or total planetary disintegration, thus eliminating the danger of the planet becoming a Tyrannid feeding nest."

"Hmm.. I suspect you are being partial to these weaklings because of your name?"

"No Sir! We apothecaries are named after vile disease to remind ourselves of our daily fight against weakness, whether of the mind or of the body."

"Very well.... let us leave this system and get this planet out of my sight before I change my mind!"

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