Friday, 4 July 2014


 Everyday I drive home from work down River Road, I drive by Gone Burger by Waikato River. Last week I decided to drop  by.

Gone burger... why the name? I didn't ask the boss.

My wife and I ordered 1 burger each and I ordered fries too. 

Here we are- total damage to wallet $38. Damage to coronaries- unknown

 "Mary loved it"- Lamb Burger

I'm sure Mary did . For me, it's always a good sign when you struggle to take a full bite of the burger because of it's size. Lamb, kumara roasti, mushrooms fried in blue cheese .. yum.. 

"The Belly of the Beast"

My wife ordered the "Belly of the Beast" which is a pork burger. We deliberated a bit when deciding to get the large or regular size but decided to get the large. I'm glad she did cos I think I liked this burger even more than Mary's lamb. It had an oriental touch to it with five spice and hoisin sauce, and again the kumara rosti just gives it the extra "fill". It's a bit more savoury than the lamb burger which suited my tongue more as I have quite a high sodium intake.

All in all the burgers are really satisfying I highly recommend them if you need a good feed.
The fries were a bit average and almost a bit soggy, the aoili was good though. The burger and fries actually went quite will with sriracha chilli sauce as you can see from my photo.

Did I hear someone ask which was better ? This or Ferg?
Hmm... hard to answer that I might have to go back for more testing.  :)

I found out they are selling the whole Gone Burger business..listed below

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