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Yeah... so last week I went to The Line at Shangri-La Hotel for their buffet lunch. I was looking for a place to take my mum for mother's day in Singapore, so I looked online and found a few favourable reviews of this buffet. As you may or may now know, I am a big fan of food, so it is of no surprise that I like buffets. However, due to my lack of self control, I try not to visit too many buffets due to fear of metabolic syndrome and also the inevitable consequence of abdominal pain due to mechanical  distension of my upper gastrointestinal tract.
Anyway, The Line restaurant is situated at Shangri-La Hotel, needless to say this place is kinda posh. It was a nice atmosphere to hangout while waiting for the buffet to start at 12 noon. I took the photo above as they were setting up.

First blood !

The above was my first serving. Yes, yes.. it looks paltry, but I was somewhat overwhelmed by the choice and didn't want to fill up until I had done the proper reconnaissance. The Line boasts "16 theater kitchens" ( I got this from their website). This includes Japanese, Seafood, Local, Western Roasts, Salads, Chinese, Dim Sum, Indian, Italian, Mediterranean, Dessert.. and a few I missed or can't identify.

The first station I noticed was the awesome looking seafood section. Unfortunately for me, I am allergic to both prawn and crabs, so my enjoyment of seafood is somewhat stunted. I'm not really a big fan of oysters but in the spirit of "kiasu", I ate 6. They were actually quite good. My sister downed a ton of the prawns and reported that they were yum.

The station that I attacked the most was probably the Japanese section. Mainly for my favourite, salmon sashimi!. I was not disappointed. The salmon was fresh and delectable. They had salmon, tuna and octopus sashimi. The sushi selection was not great but their  "special" sushi, grilled salmon topping on raw tuna sushi was awesome. The seaweed sushi was a let down though. 

One of my favourite was the kebab's section. The chicken and lamb kebabs were delicious especially with the sauce ( dunno what it was but it tasted creamy with a hint of cheese).The roast beef was also very nicely done, tender and awesome with the gravy, definitely the best roast beef I have had in a long while (well, that is not surprising given that I have mostly eaten roast beef at hospital cafeterias).

The butternut squash soup was superb!!! Creamy and sweet. It fatness and sweetness really hit the pleasure senses ( or my leptin or dopamine receptors?) at the right spot. 

The Indian section was good, with a selection of fish, mutton, chicken and vegetarian curry. The beef and chicken satay was standard.

Dim sum was nice but nothing to shout about. 

I was not really impressed by the BBQ and roast pork at the chinese section. They were pretty average. The laksa, however was very good.

 Diabetes.. glorious diabetes..

The dessert section was awesome... maybe this was my favourite...I don't actually know one was my favourite anymore. The durian tart was the star here, it was nice, creamy and real "duriany". There was a nice selection of local kueh and as you can see above, tonnes of macarons.

Syndrome X

 I hit the ice cream station 3 times. The green tea was my favourite. 

Fatty liver 

To be honest, I only wrote this blog post so I can post this fatty liver pic.
Oh yeah, the weekday lunch costs $58++, you get a 15% discount if booked online.

Feel free to recommend your favourite buffet to me, cheers.

The Line

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