Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Rock the Dragon with Triple Roast Rice !

Hey, wanna go rock the dragon?
I said to my bro one day
What does that mean, you ask?

That was "Rock the Dragon", the song.

Anyway, by "Rock the Dragon" I was referring to one of my favourite restaurants

Dragon Garden Restaurant!!!

Dragon Garden is a chinese restaurant located at Church Corner, opposite Countdown.
The boss of Dragon Garden also owns Chinatown market located right behind it. He is a biggish chap who is rather loud and crude, but surprised me a few times with some "service" at Dragon Garden. My friends and I used to visit this place for late night supper after playing Dota at a nearby cybercafe. They also have Dim Sum in the mornings and late at night. The last I checked, they close at 3 am.

Dragon Garden offers you the true authentic chinese dining experience including -minimal decor, poor ventilation (so you have all that roast smell infused in your clothes after you eat), highly variable quality of service depending on the staff mood and not least, questionable food preparation hygiene.
Why go anywhere else for true asian cuisine? The only thing missing from the true asian dining experience is the stray cat or dog looking for scraps.
The food tastes pretty good and come in decent portions. And that's enough for me,

If you do happen to visit my favourite restaurant, I would like to recommend to you my favourite dish here..


( a picture I took of my "da bao" before I FINISHed it like a Mortal Combat ending move )

During my preFRACP exam time, I ate out for 1 month and half the time I was rocking out at the dragon.
At that time I mostly ordered roast pork rice or beef brisket ( what the heck is brisket anyway?) rice.
But since then I have discovered the " holy grail " of non-fine-dining. ( i hate fine dining) .


All good things come in threes, such as a triple coronary artery bypass graft or a 3 piece quarter pack.
Typically the triple roast consists of roast pork (crispy skin), roast duck, roast chicken or bbq pork - This is random depending on what they give u. My favourite combo is prob roast duck, roast pork and bbq pork. Cos I get my chicken fix from Colonel Sanders. This dish is best chowed down with generous serving of lau gan ma sauce, as depicted in the photo. It's serving is really huge, enough to feed half a dozen America's Next Top Model contestants. The part I like the most is the gravy from the roast meat, they usually pour some over the rice for you. Yum , yum,  nothing refined about this dish at all. Just the way I like it.
BTW it costs NZ$10.
So if you're looking for a big and cheap feed, here's my recommendation. Strictly not for those trying to lose weight!

Oh yeah, if you're wondering what Lau Gan Ma sauce is, leave a comment below and I might write a blog on it. Happy Fattening!!

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