Sunday, 15 January 2012

Satay Celup Melaka

Hmm.. One of the things I was looking forward to in Melaka (Malacca) was the Satay Celup. Celup means "dip" in Malay. Satay is a traditional Malay dish that consists of marinated meat on sticks cooked over a charcoal fire. Its closest western cousin is a barbequed kebab I suppose . Satay is always served with a thick peanut sauce with optional rice/ketupat cucumber and onion. Satay celup is different in that you get to choose from a variety of food items on a stick/kebab. This is then cooked in a boiling stew and served with sauce. Hence, satay celup is actually quite different from the quintessential satay. The difference between Melaka satay celup and elsewhere is that the "stew" they use to cook the satay is the rich peanut sauce itself! The crazy Malaccans/ orang Melaka. I love it !

First, NY and I arrive at the restaurant. There are many places to have satay celup in Melaka, I'm not a local, I just follow my "tourguide". I took a pic with the restaurant name in case anyone wants to know. In the middle of each pot is a boiling pot of hot sauce. Its kinda like a steam boat/hot pot. Its all self service like many steamboat restaurants nowadays.

Step one, select want you want to east from a variety of choices . Some choices available include fish ball, meat, tofu, vege, squid, clams, prawn and a variety of fishcake/ball related food.

Step two, chuck them in . While the kebabs are boiled alive* in hot oily rich sauce , I lick my lips with glee. The occasional drop of saliva hit the table but no one cares.
The waiters/waitresses come frequently to top up the sauce and stir it so it, doesn't get burnt .

After a few minutes, the food is ready to be served. Chow down!!!

The brutality of this dinner is evident with the sauce splattered everywhere..
Final casualty count 33.
33 brave kebabs made the ultimate sacrifice to satisfy Winston's appetite.

Total cost for 2 people including drinks = RM25.00!

So if you ever get the chance to try Satay Celup , go for it!

* no live food was actually cooked during this meal . "Boiled alive" is an expression used for dramatic effect.

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