Saturday, 29 December 2012

UGLY - A Short Story

Part 1

Once upon a time, in a village in rural China, there was a boy named Feng.
He was not a special boy in particular, however, he did have one thing that stood out.
His appearance.
He was ugly. At least people thought he was. Ugliness is after all a perception.
The kids in school would make fun of him and call him "Ugly Feng".
"Stay away from Ugly Feng, or you might get infected by his ugliness"
Feng cried and asked his mother why he was born ugly.
His mother said " You are not ugly Feng, you are just who you are"
When Feng was a teenager, he approach the village witch doctor to ask about his ugliness as life had become unbearable for him.
The witch doctor told him - " A curse has been placed upon your family by enemies of your ancestors, your family has been cursed with ugliness for 10 generations "
Feng was devastated after listening to this.
After he left school, he decided to leave the village and the cruel teasing behind.
He went to college and worked hard
He studied science
He learnt that physical appearance is a genetic product of 2 parents plus environmental factors. How could a curse affect physical appearance for 10 generations?
This was totally illogical.
He vowed he would break this curse by any means.
He graduated and found a job.
Not without difficulty. There was no doubt, employers are prejudiced against appearance.
He struggled with girls, as most found his appearance repulsive.
He worked hard, long hours.
He ran the rat race like only a desperately ugly rat could.
He climbed the corporate ladder by blood and sweat.
He made money, as much money as he could.
With his new position and money, women began to find him less repulsive.
He knew he could do it.
He will be the one to end the curse...
"The curse of ugliness shall end in my generation!"
One day he met the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on...

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