Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Triple Roast Rice - Sunny Chinese Takeaways - Hamilton

As you might know from my previous blog I am a big fan of chinese roasts. Roast duck, roast pork, bbq pork, crispy skin chicken..
I like em all, hence my favourite order item the "Triple Roast Rice".
I have since moved away from Christchurch so it is not so easy to "Rock the Dragon" anymore.
Last week I went to Sunny Chinese Takeaways on the recommendation of a friend for authentic roast duck.
Of course I couldn't resist ordering the triple roast and not just the duck..

Funny that the restaurant is called Sunny but is located on Grey Street ( in Hamilton). The owners are mainland chinese and speak cantonese. Didn't get a smiling service but hey, I'm not here for that,  lets get to the eating. There were 3 small tables ( I don't know if anyone dines in or if it's just takeaways) and my order came through soon.
I took it home, but not before stopping at the chinese store across the street to get my favourite Lau Gan Ma chilly sauce.

First of all the the serving size is decent. Feels a bit less than the one from Dragon's but that might be an optic illusion. The triple roast came with cabbage and brocolli as a vege side ( this  is a sign of westernization). However, the roast it self is not westernised. It's rather authentic.
The BBQ pork is succulent and tasty. It has a stronger smoky and honey taste compared with the one from Dragon. Very authentic. Reminds me of what I used to have when younger. Nowadays, there are a lot of so-called BBQ pork that just look "red" but don't taste like BBQ pork at all. But not this one.... this is the real deal.

The roast pork is more tender and the crackling is very well done and crispy. It is not not hard is light and crunchy. Thumbs up.  The duck let me down a bit as it was mostly skin and bones. I suppose this is the luck of the draw, like when you get a tiny wing from KFC in ur 3 piece quarter pack. The taste is good however, and more honey flavoured compared with dragon's.

Overall, I rate this triple roast place highly and I will sure return for more.
It costs $12 which is very reasonable in NZ.

How does it compare with Dragon's triple roast? Dragon's roast has a more "brutal " feel, the pieces are larger and chunky and it comes with Bok Choy ( more chinesey). The marinade has a more heavy five spice and star anise taste. Sunny's roast  is more sweet and tender. I like em both and basically I just take what I can get.

I'll be back..

Oh, they have a website..

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