Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Tale of 2 Greedy Pigs

There were 2 of us, both motivated by greed.
Me, the diner, with my plastic takeaway box, intent to fill it with as much food as possible.
Her,the restaurant owner ( I presume), who's main motivation is money.

We were separated by 2 rows of food.
The restaurant was hers.
I had exchanged a sum of money for the right to fill the small plastic container with food.
Apparently it gave her no pleasure..

She stood there staring at me filling my box with the most stinky unhappy face I have ever seen.
Like I  had wronged her in the worst possible way.
Maybe I did, with each scoop, I reduced her profit margin.
But I only wanted to fulfill my desire for food, was I wrong?
I am a pig after all.

I left the restaurant feeling a bit uncomfortable
Judging from the boss face, she was not exactly happy either.

Lesson: Don't be consumed by greed! It will make you unhappy

Orang yang tamak selalu rugi!

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